About Us

Incorporated in 1996, Partners Marketing Inc is an Ottawa-based marketing consulting company run by Lynda and Tony Partner. Partners Marketing Inc has deep experience developing market strategy, conducting market research and developing and executing on-line marketing programs for local companies like In-Touch Survey, Empowered Networks, Redline Communications as well as multi-nationals like General Motors, Loblaws, Hallmark, Yahoo, and many more. Lynda is a Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIIMBS) and has earned her professional research certification as an expert quantitative market researcher from the Marketing Research Association (MRA). She runs business development for Partners Marketing Inc and consults on business strategy. Tony Partner is an experienced web developer with a passion for detail that translates into a perfectly functioning web experience for website visitors and total brand integrity for website owners. He is also active in the open source community where he moderates a help forum for survey software developers and users.

Intensively customer-centric and results-driven, Partners Marketing has gathered an immensely talented team of like-minded professionals who all measure success on traditional values - Happy Paying Customers. Their ability to focus and deliver real results while building sustainable relationships sets Partners Inc apart and makes every client relationship a cherished and productive one. Our promise to you is simple "Service so outstanding you'll wonder how you got along without us."

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